roller coaster 

Must have bought the wrong ticket at this amusement park.
Wanted to ride the roller coaster with friends,
With exhilarating rises and falls,
Full of joyful shouts and mild turns.

Must have gotten on the wrong ride,
One that has no exit.
A roller coaster that takes you up to the highest of skies,
Where you feel all the worries wash away under the ecstatic light,
And then,
Out of nowhere,
It falls deep into the darkest of depths,
Where no one hears your screams,
Where all the shouts for light are muffled.

Got on a roller coaster against freewill
With several other damned souls.
Our only choice is to hold on tight to our seats,
To each other and endure the ride
Or unbuckle the safety belt and jump.
Jump from the skies, because you can fly.
Before gravity catches you and pulls you down.
Can even fall from the depths that have no limits,
Where under the tracks there is a bottomless abyss.

Got on the wrong roller coaster.
Someone offered the wrong ticket
And gave no heads up or instructions.
I got on the wrong roller coaster
That I will ride till the end.
Up and down, back and forth…


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