Return, engraved by political and social annoyance 

Last January I wrote my last post on this blog. Since then I have decided,  for some unknown reason,  to start anew, open new blogs for random thoughts and my creative endeavours. Since then I have also left The Netherlands and moved to China for my MA in China Studies. Since then I have been trying hard to improve my mental health while helping others do the same. Lastly, since then I have formed a great interest in queer studies and LGBTQIA rights. 

And now again, here I am, laying in my bed in Lithuania, where I’m currently enjoying Summer vacation, pissed at the bullshit happening around me – shootings, terror attacks, human rights abuses in Lithuania and elsewhere, hmm, Trump.. I cannot and do not want to remain silent about my views and what a better place to express them than my old beloved blog! 

Thus, I am back. Not sure for how long, maybe until I get in trouble or finally fulfil my dream to work at Amnesty Intl. or Human Rights Watch. 

I am going political and social. This blog may have been for my life updates and travel stories mixed with some poetry, but I need a place to speak out and connect with other similar or not so similar thinking people. 

Cheers and goodnight. If I fall asleep. Your dear insomniac is still an insomniac. 


One Reply to “Return, engraved by political and social annoyance ”

  1. We are living in a world of wars and this year has been particularly bleak. Keep up the agitation and good luck getting a position with Amnesty or Human Rights Watch, both are admirable organisations. We in Australia look on with bewilderment and a little horror at the USA political situation; myself, I pray that Trump is not elected because I don’t think he will be anything but inflammatory, tbh I can’t imagine anyone taking the man seriously. We have our own problems here in Oz, our treatment of refugees and indigenous peoples is appalling, but with enough agitation things are changing slowly. I remain ever hopeful for positive change.
    look after yourself x

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