Exploring Vlissingen (Zeeland)

As I am finally fully unpacked and settled in I decided to continue my tradition of going to random places in The Netherlands on the weekends. Today I chose a very very south-western city of Vlissingen, located right at the tip of Zeeland province. Perfect for a day trip, would have been even better in a warmer, less windy weather. The seaside winter is not the best in here. Extreme winds do not help even if the sun is out…

Anyhow, the outing was nothing too special. Just a lovely Dutch town at the sea. A harbour. Waves. Old town with a shopping street and still hanging Christmas decorations. Market square. Old church surrounded by narrow streets and leafless trees. Very Dutch and very calming, just what I needed to rewind.

I took some pictures, of course, and even some video snippets that will end up in some part in my January Document Your Life edition, though not enough to make a separate video… Anyway, enough news from me (not too many, as there is not much happening now), just enjoy the photos and have a great day/evening!! ^^

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