Rain, Coffee, and E-mails

As expected, The Netherlands welcomed me with wind and pouring rain. It has not stopped since yesterday afternoon.

I am sort of, not really, back in The Hague. Still need to wait for several hours before I can move in to my new place in one of the loveliest neighbourhoods I’ve seen. At least according to my beloved Street view!

And now I am wasting the time and hiding from the rain at the local Starbucks. Enough place for a 25kg luggage, enough people to look at, and warm. Except for the blazing AC above my head. I am sensing a cold already. But who cares when you’ve got a triple shot latte!

And of course the e-mail part. Nothing brings me joy and nothing takes away time as successfully as writing endless letters to everyone and planning, replanning appointments… Still got 4 hours to go. Write me an email or a message if you feel like it. That will make me way to happy!


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