Old Encounters and New Addictions

You have known the person for several years and no matter how many times you meet up and talk it never gets boring. Day after day, hour after hour the chatter does not stop, the cups of coffee keep on going. That is what I call the perfect friendship, the encounter I crave all the time.

No matter the used language, no matter the sadness and darkness or maybe weirdness of the discussion. No matter the odd looks from other people I would not change these minutes for anything. Oh, the blimey distance and the channel in between.

At these times I feel as if might not even need my happy pills. Just put this person in front and give me a huge Americano. Done. Happy. Of course, an addition of great music is a must. And, oh, there is so much music.

The new addictive sounds and sights keep on coming. Recommendations and a phone full of obscure band names. They wonders do not stop. Witch house. Acid Jazz. 2-step. Vaporwave. And everything in-between.

Enough for months to come. Enough for a lifetime of wonderful music.

And do not forget the sights. Days and nights pass through eyes while devouring on horror stories on my computer screen. I demand more, I cannot forget the amazing recommendations even in my dreams.

I will miss this. For another several months. And then the story will go again. Coffee, bilingual dialogues, stranger stares and lists upon lists upon lists…


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