a city by the ocean

As soon as the darkness sets in
I will stroll through the streets of my city
Through the crowds of non-existent people,
Through the illuminated alleys
Lighten up by cars and lonely bikes.

As if I was taken back to the twenties
A European city in the middle of summer
With jazz playing in the trendy bars
And the shadowy cafes, as crowded as ever.
Full of dreamy flâneurs, just like me.

Flapper dresses and feathery crowns,
Linked arms of laughing couples
And a bustling promenade,
Smelling of sea and food vendors,
Just two minutes from home.

And all is the same at the present day,
Old alleyways and smoky cafes,
Lovely duos and fellow loners
Out in the city right by the ocean
Despite the years and seasons…


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