Winter Land of Groningen

As I had planned, today was also devoted for travelling around The Netherlands. Although my primary goal was to reach Maastricht, I had to change my mind in the morning.. Apparently the place (Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore), which I really want to visit is closed on Sundays, except for the first Sunday of the month. Thus, Maastricht will have to way till the next week!

My plan B was to go up north to the city of Groningen. So I did. Without checking the weather forecast beforehand… Only after sitting on the train for 2 hours I decided to look up the temperature. According to “Google” it was -6 degrees with “light snow” up there. Well, that explained why the landscape was rapidly getting whiter and mistier.


I was definitely under-dressed for the snow with my autumn coat and sneakers. Still, I enjoyed every single bit of Groningen. Not only due to the beauty of the city, but also due to the fact that it was my first actual snow experience this year! And it was not even that cold, definitely not the Lithuanian -15! And also not as windy compared to the seaside, which is always a plus in the middle of winter.


Traditionally, I headed straight to the old centrum of the city. Through many churches, old houses and canals full of snowy boats. There were quite a lot of people around. Mainly students, families with little kids enjoying the winter and tourists like me, stopping on every single bridge and taking a bunch of pictures.



I was standing in the middle of a winter land, only three hours away from South Holland, where it was still +7, sun shining in the sky and blossoms blooming on the trees. It seemed rather surprising, but very exciting! ^^

It was definitely most fun to experience some of the real winter in The Netherlands, as it doesn’t happen too often in my part of the country.  And everyone around also seemed to be happy about this occurrence , especially the little children in the parks, of course, on the slides!


And, once again, very unsurprisingly, when I came back to Den Haag it was no longer the spring-ish weather that I had in the morning. I was not even the crisp and mesmerizing winter… Just autumn-like rain, wind and darkness. Oh well, that’s the real seaside “winter” for you!


5 Replies to “Winter Land of Groningen”

  1. The Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore is a great example of historic buildings that have been re-purposed. The interiors of the church are very well used here. Definitely worth a visit to Maastricht!

    1. I would love to live there myself. Such a beautiful place indeed! I love the fact that the nature and weather changes so quickly in The Netherlands, all four seasons and beautiful sights in one day! :]

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