Breda – Den Bosch – Scheveningen

Today was a perfect day to explore some of the Dutch places. Not only the weather was perfect, well, relatively perfect – +6 and no rain, but also I had time, lots of it.

Thus, this morning, at Den Haag Centraal I decided to border a train, which was supposed to leave the soonest (after a quick journey to Starbucks for my latte macchiato fix) and started my short trip.

The first train was headed to Venlo, a city in the South-eastern part of The Netherlands. However, because of some infrastructure problems, it did not go further than Breda. So, I had no other choice, but to start my journey there.


Breda turned out to be a very lovely and cosy town, full of old, mesmerizing architecture and narrow streets. I strolled through the main park enjoying the lack of people and quietness and finally stumbled upon a square, rather “an entrance” to the old town.


Thus through the streets I went. All the buildings around me were this brownish, greyish colour that I sincerely love, but nothing was more glorious than the church – Grote Kerk. Seriously, one of the most beautiful Gothic churches I have ever seen, and what’s best – absolutely free entrance and no crowds of annoying tourists.

Grote Kerk

It seems that Breda is one of those small pearls that nobody visits, as all the people head to the main tourists centres, like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. I proved myself that small towns are purely amazing, as they are much older and much more authentic. (I don’t say that I don’t love big cities, Amsterdam is awesome!)

After exploring the old town I headed back to the station and, once again, took the first train, this time I hopped on the one heading to Zwolle – a city, up in the north. However, I did not want to sit in the train for almost 3 hours, so I got out in a city with a rather interesting name – s’Hertogenbosch, a.k.a. Den Bosch. The name literally means – The Duke’s Forest. :]


I have heard about this city before and I also knew that it was an old city, like, Early Medieval times old. We are talking 11-12th century here, in the 12th century the city received city rights. There was no Lithuania at that time, only random Baltic tribes here and there.

I would say that this town is sort of separated into three parts – the really really old part, the classic Dutch part and the modern part. Each of them very distinctive in both the number of visitors and the number of colours. The modern part being the brightest and the fullest, and the medieval part – the quietest and one-coloured.


I myself liked the Dutch part the most, as it is really close to my heart! I just love looking at those old, tall and narrow-ish houses.  So lovely… Especially, when they are standing by the canal that make everything look even better!


In Den Bosch I could finally witness the early early spring (in the middle of winter) – with the blooming of trees. It is rather easy to forget that it’s still January, when you see pink blossoms everywhere!


And then I was done with this city. I took the train back through Amsterdam, where I got off and walked around for 20 minutes or so. I couldn’t stay there longer, because the crowds of tourists kept coming and coming. And the weather was also not as nice up there. Much fiercer winds and much lower temperature..

Thus, I took the train, for the last time, to The Hague. Once I was back to my city I decided to drop by the beach in Scheveningen as I haven’t done that for ages. It was rather empty in there, probably because of the wind and light drizzle (at the moment of writing it is now turned into a full-blown rain storm; my windows are vibrating…)



I spent only 15 minutes or so at the beach, as my feet were getting tired, so I took a tram back, got myself a bubble tea (jasmine with coffee bits <3) on the way home and ended my short Dutch trip. I am planning on doing it again tomorrow. This time I have a goal to visit Maastricht, going to take a while to get there, but it’s worth it! ^^


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