Blog Challenge| Day 20 – Difficult Times

Day 20: A difficult time in your life

I would have done this challenge yesterday, I honestly had time for it. But I did not, because I did not want to share my difficult or sad moments of life. I do not wish to remember them at all. However, I will share a poem from one of those moments. I have some sad poems that  I call “The Black Poetry” and that are hidden from everyone. This one is probably one of the lightest poems, thus it is suitable for the blog…

Fragile Dreams

People were mourning
On the day I was born.
And they were dancing
The night I passed away.

Oh, I had so many dreams
That turned into illusions,
And I had so many friends,
This elegy is only for them.

Smart people used to tell me –
“You must reach for the stars”,
But my dear friend saw
That I was suffering for them.

Only he wanted to know
The meaning of my words,
And only he understood
That I need moral support…


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