Blog Challenge| Day 19 – Collecting Stuff & Stormy Latvia

Day 19: What do you collect

Today’s challenge is going to be done really fast, as there is not much to share… Collecting requires time, money and most of the time a lot of space. I kind of lack the latter two. 😀 Yet, I do collect some really girly things: earrings and nail polish… I can never have enough of these! I became obsessed about earrings maybe 5 years ago or so. I cannot say that I have piles of them, but I am always on the search for something new and I would never ever leave my house without a pair on! ^^ Nail polish is actually more of a collecting habit, as I already have more than I need, but then I go out and get more… I do not suppose that these “collections” are real… I do not collect anything serious like post stamps, mugs or coins. As I said, not enough space and financial resources, especially for things that I cannot use in practice. ^^

As for the actual day, I had lots of fun today! My friends and I went to the seaside in Latvia! The primary goal for everyone was to hit the beach, get tanned and swim to the heart’s content, however… The weather was crazily stormy the whole morning and afternoon! There was a blizzard mixed with almost monsoony kind of wind and rain, plus thunder and lightnings in the sky. It was really difficult to walk properly, the clothes were soaking wet anb with each step there was water up to our ankles! I felt like it was Hong Kong during the rainy season all over again, just much colder and with less people. 😀 And I actually enjoyed it, because I like being in the middle of the storm, all soaked and completely exposed to the wind… Nothing weird, yes? 😀


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