Blog Challenge| Day 18 – The Name of The Blog

Day 18: The meaning behind your blog name

Finally I am back on the schedule and am doing the challenge on the right day! Yay for that! ^^ Today’s actual challenge is to explain the meaning behind the name of my blog “Retro Insomniac”, which is really easy! 

I came up with this name one night/morning in the end of January, when I was still on my winter holiday and couldn’t sleep. I wanted to make a blog and started coming up with all kinds of names. How did I end up with this one, I do not remember clearly, but it stuck and I am very happy with it! I believe that the meaning is pretty obvious: retro came from my love for vintage, old things, be it music/fashion/films/life/history/etc and insomniac is there, as I have chronic insomnia, which occurs quite often, especially after some stressful time, like exam session or the “room search frenzy”. And that is it, nothing too special, just a girl, who cannot sleep properly and loves all things old! ^^


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