Blog Challenge| Day 17 – Proud moment

Day 17: What is your most proud moment

Once again I will be honest and say that I am not very fond of the challenge. To me sharing the moment, when I was very proud of myself, makes me feel like I am bragging. Furthermore, I do not tend to feel that proud, as there is always place to improve! Anyway, I do have some moments of “pride”, thus I will share the most vivid one!

This moment must be the high school graduation. It was not the actual event, but all the small and big achievements that connected into one. Starting from all the surprisingly amazing exam results (Lithuanian and English – 99%, History – 97%, Geography – 98% and Maths – 83%). Then successful participation in all kinds of competitions and projects. Admission to my current university. Becoming the student of the year. And so on… All the good things that I worked really hard led to the life I have now and I believe that I be at least a little proud of myself. Although, nothing would have happened without the support from my family, teachers, friends… Still, the senior year of high school was amazing and eventful, I truly truly loved it! :]


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