Blog Challenge| Day 15 – My Day

Day 15: Timeline of your day

Alright, this day skipping and delaying just proves that I cannot do what I tell myself I will… I was not supposed to skip THREE days, but I did, as I was having too much fun and human interaction at home… I am really really sorry for that, so I WILL write all those posts today! I suppose that there would be just too much chaos if I were to put them all into one place.

This challenge is asking me to write the timeline of my day! I will choose yesterday, as it was a rather nice day, where I did something. :]

As usual I got up between 9 and 10 am only to find out that the electricity had gone for the whole day due to some work being done on the street. Thankfully, my phone helped me with internet and I could plan meetings with my friends. That was the main highlight of the day – meeting with one of my best friends in the afternoon. Those few hours were truly lovely: walking around the city, hiding under the trees in the rain, having some tea in the pizzeria and eating gummies together. A perfect afternoon! After that I naturally came back home, had a healthy dinner made by mom, did the dishes and then went back to my room for the evening. Most of the evenings for me consist of relaxing, watching TV shows (now I am watching “Friends”), eating frozen berries and having rooibos tea with milk. Very calm and quiet… I went to bed at around 12pm, but could not fall asleep until 2 am or so, because my brain turns on once I put my head on the pillow. All kinds of thoughts come there, last night it was mainly about moving to my new room, furnishing it, taking care of studies, etc… Yet, I am already awake today and ready for the new day!


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