Blog Challenge| Day 12&13

Day 12: What’s in your fridge and Day 13: What is your earliest memory

Hello there! I know that I missed a day again, however, this time I did it intentionally, as I did not feel that yesterday’s challenge was that much interesting… I am at my parents’ house now and I have no idea what is in their fridge, there’s just too much of everything! Generally, food and drinks, like in any other ordinary fridge. And that is all I can say! ^^

I am also lacking on different types of posts and topics, and promises, like the giveaway one… I am very sorry for that, but I can come back home only twice a year, which means my next time might be only during the winter holidays. Therefore, I try to make the best of it by meeting all the friends, communicating with my parents, living the Lithuanian life, relaxing and actually having a Summer vacation without thinking about any university stuff, documents, moving, finance, etc.. So, I might be lacking on the blog, but I am enjoying my real life that is truly important to me! 🙂

As for today’s challenge, I am very up for it! My earliest memories are all from the kindergarten, when I was around 4-5 years old. I remember singing Lithuanian 90’s pop songs while swinging. I remember not eating meat, as it seemed very gross. I remember drawing in my huge colouring book. I remember crying, when I was the last kid to be picked up by my parents’ at 5 pm. I also remember having a lisp and not being able to say “R” properly, which caused a lot of laughter for my peers. And I remember my first performance on the stage, when I had to dance with to boy during the Christmas carnival to the song Boys by Sabrina. Oh, I still shiver if I hear that song… I remember so many things from the kindergarten, even the lyrics of the songs I used to sing on a swing-set, which is rather weird, as it happened almost 15 years ago… Those were interesting times, not my favourite years, but not as bad as the middle school! 😛


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