Blog Challenge| Day 11 – My Favourites

Day 11: List 15 of your favourite things

Despite it being already after midnight here in Lithuania, it’s still the 11the of July in The Hague and in many other places of the world, thus I am not late! ^^ Today my challenge is to list my favourite things, but I need more structure than randomness. So I’ll come up with 15 different categories, to make it easier.  Let’s start, shall we?!

1. Band: 30 Seconds to Mars
2. Song: Hurts – Illuminated
3. Film: Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera
4. Actor: Ewan McGregor
5. City: Hong Kong
6. Colour: Turquoise 
7. Flower: Sunflower
8. Animal: Red panda
9. TV Series: Doctor Who and Sherlock
10. Subject in school: History
11. Film genre: documentary and psychological
12. Drink: Rooibos tea
13. Fruit: Mango
14. Sweets: Engelse drop
15. Ice cream flavour: Mint

And that is my list of personal favourites! Now it is your turn to name at least five of your favourite things, any kind of! I would be happy to hear them!

Have a great great day or evening! I myself will go to the bed already, it’s getting late..

Stay awesome everybody! ^^


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