Blog Challenge| Day 9&10

Day 9: What are your worst habits & Day 10: What’s your best physical feature

I am back in Lithuania, thus yesterday was filled with travelling by all kinds of means of transport – bus, train, plane and car. I am sorry for missing the post, but I really wanted to be with my family, to communicate and relax. 🙂 But now I am back with a double blog challenge post and regular daily posts. Yay! ^^

Yesterday’s challenge was to name my worst habits. I believe that it would be better to ask my friends about it, but from my point of view I dislike these:

  1. Snacking too often, even without being hungry
  2. Being too anxious and paranoid about almost everything
  3. Wearing my headphones too long, which is truly bad for ears
  4. Carrying a looot of stuff in the bag.. My back does not like that..
  5. Too much computer because of my TV series addiction

I believe that I should make it my goal to get rid of all of these habits as they are not bringing anything good for me!

Today’s challenge is much more positive, as it is to name my best physical feature. I can name two! I really love my eyes. Especially their colour, which is a mixture of green and gray, with dark green circles on the outside and dark brown circles around my pupils. My eyes are probably the best part of the face. The other feature I enjoy is being tall. I am 177 cm or 5’10”. I am used to being one of the tallest girls in my school and university. I can see everything around me and everyone can see me! It’s just a lot of fun. 🙂

For today it will be it with the challenges, I hope that you are having a great day/evening, as I will go back to enjoying my time with family at home! And please share your answers to both questions in the comments if you want to! ^^


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