Blog Challenge| Day 8 – My Bag

Day 8: What’s in your handbag

I must confess that I find today’s challenge rather odd. It reminds me very much of the videos beauty gurus would do on YouTube, but, oh well, I will not skip it.

First of all, the things I carry in my bag differ everyday, depending on where I am going and what I am doing. As tomorrow I am flying back to Lithuania I will only have a small handbag, which will go into my luggage after reaching the airport. So, let’s get inside of that A4 sized, shoulder strap bag with a picture two pretty cats on a blue background!

  • A mini notebook for various ideas, scribbles, directions and memos
  • A mechanical pencil
  • A blue ballpoint pen
  • A water bottle
  • My bundle of keys – apartment, room and bicycle. Together with a bunch of key chains: Turkish flag, mini spotlight, a head of a cute giraffe made of rubber, official key chain from my rental company and “I ❤ London” plastic thingy.
  • My passport
  • A wallet
  • A lip balm and my new love red lipstick
  • Sansa Clip+ MP3 player
  • A read for the trip: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
  • And an obvious: my android phone

And that is it! All the essentials I need that are way too small for the luggage and will be used on my way to the airport. ^^

Now I want to hear what is your favourite/most valuable thing in you bag or if you do not carry a bag, your pocket! Mine are definitely the book and the notebook, for generating ideas and writing them down!

Have a great evening and next time I will write to you from my Lithuanian home, thus see you there! ^^


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