Blog Challenge| Day 7 – My Top 10 Pet Hates

Day 7: Your pet hates (peeves)

Being a person who is rather sensitive to the surroundings, I get annoyed by certain things pretty fast, especially if I am in a bad mood. Thus, here’s the Top 10 list of my biggest pet peeves, in no particular order, except for the 1st one:

  1. Loud eaters
  2. Movie talkers
  3. Kids, who cry only to get attention
  4. People, who sit next to you on a bus/train when there is plenty of space elsewhere
  5. Kitty calls
  6. Old men stares
  7. Annoying charity people
  8. People having parties in the middle of the night. On Mondays.
  9. Dirty dishes left for 2 or more days (same goes with laundry left in the washing machine)
  10. Indoor smokers, especially the weed smokers…

So, that is my list, share your biggest pet peeves in the comments! I hope that I do not seem as being very very sensitive or somewhat overweening… 😛


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