Blog Challenge| Day 6 – My Senses

Day 6: Your 5 senses right now

I decided to spice this day challenge a bit and try to write a poem, on the spot! I hope it will turn out properly. ^^

Through the words of a Dutch radio jockey,
My ears are catching sounds from the streets.
A chaotic mix of roaring cars and music,
Of rolling shopping trolleys
And foreign languages.

Shining street lights are blinding me,
This night is no different as any other.
And in the darkness of my room
Only white computer screen is glaring
With quickly appearing black word.

I do not know my tea’s location by sight,
But I can sense its lingering smell in the air.
That special warming treat, that magical nectar.
The smell of Rooibos tea with honey
Makes the evening most perfect.

The taste of last cup of tea is still there,
The burned tongue from drinking too fast.
Yet, I am feeling careless, everything can be healed.
By a few parts of milk in the beverage
And several minutes of patience.

A body in a horizontal position, relaxing.
I can only feel my aching feet and burning blisters
From walking too much and too fast.
But for the trip to the beach
I would sacrifice anything…

I hope that you enjoyed my spontaneous creation, now time to drink tea and continue relaxing my feet! Yet the walk to and from the beach was worth it! ^^

Have a great great day everybody! ^^


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