Blog Challenge| Day 4

Day 4: What are you afraid of

The fears… Oh, I have so many, maybe even too many. I am a self-proclaimed coward, which I am trying to change little by little. Yet, my biggest fears do not go away, they just do not…

My major fear is of spiders and other crawly, big insects. If it has eight legs or is bigger than my thumb nail, I will most probably keep a distance of minimum six feet, sort of crying and squeaking. Especially spiders… I know that the majority of them are not harmful and they cannot jump (yeah, I keep thinking in my head that they might jump on me…), but I am scared. They are ugly and terrifying!

My other big fear, which I believe a lot of people have, is losing my family and friends. I cannot stand the idea of being alone, completely left out. I am not afraid of my own death, not at all, but a thought of the people I love dying is the worst. And I also know that this fear will not go away ever…

These two fears are going to stay with me for a while and I am sure of that. However, there have been other fears that I have more or less gotten rid off. For example, big dogs, darkness, getting lost, thunderstorm, being home alone at night, etc. Your know, the ones that the majority of children have.

Now, if you want to, you can share what you are afraid of in the comment section! And I hope that you are having a great day!

P.S. Happy Independence Day, USA! ^^


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