Month in retrospective| June

Today, being the last day of June, I decided to look at those 30 days again and remember the best moments and the most favourite random bits! I want to make it a regular post each month, so that I would not forget myself and share some lovely memories with you.

First of all, let’s start with the best moment or, in this case, several connected moments. It is definitely the successful end of the 1st year of the university and the reception all the grades day by day, subject by subject. Although, those seconds, when I had to open my email, were terrifying, the results came out to be really pleasing (my grade average is 8.53/10) and now I am a little bundle of happiness and calmness, as I have no stressful resits  to attend.

image[4]My favourite experience (or a trip) of June would be the week that I spent in Berlin! Although, I loved my time in London and even wrote a post about it (link here), nothing can beat my love for the capital of Germany. It’s already been my 5th time there, but that place excites me and offers something new each time . For instance, the Salvador Dali and Film & Television museums were amazing. The food in East Asian restaurants was perfect, I mean, look at the picture of me “preparing” that delicious Korean food and just being happy with my life! 😀


As I love reading, I must definitely include my favourite book of the month as well! It is “The Blood of Flowers” by Anita Amirrezvani. I am still reading it and cannot put it down, as it is mesmerizing and truly grasping. On the back cover the description says: “Seventeenth-century Iran comes alive in all its splendour and cultural nuance in this luminous novel. Against a backdrop of bustling bazaars, fragrant gardens and exquisite tea-houses  “The Blood of Flowers” tells the unforgettable story of one woman’s struggle to create a life of her choosing. I recommend it to everyone, truly marvelous and quite easy to read.

The next favourite of June is a song. It’s Illuminated by Hurts. I have known this song for almost two or three years and I’ve never stopped loving it. This month I “found” it in my iTunes once again and been playing it non-stop. It has to be the most played song ever, thus I can bravely call it my most beloved song ever. I hope that you will enjoy it too!

The last part of my list is the random bit, which will probably change each time. This month, or I should say these past weeks, I have been truly appreciating the night time. Due to that, my sleeping pattern has shifted extremely, as I stay up till around 3-4 am and wake up only at noon-ish. I just love the quietness and calmness of the night, everything is still, nobody is awake, there are no cars, no noises. I can relax, concentrate, create and think without feeling guilty for not doing something productive. It is my personal time and no one will take it from me! :]

I suppose that this will be it for June. As for July, I have many plans and expectations. Just to name some of them:

  • I will be going back to Lithuania for almost three weeks, which I am extremely excited about!
  • I am going to do the 31 Day Blog Challenge starting tomorrow. I got inspired to do it by a lovely girl from the blog “18yearsyoung“. I hope that I can keep up with the challenge, as I will be posting it next to my personal “creations”, which means that so some days = two or even more posts a day! ^^
  • I am still being serious about my plans on doing a giveaway when I reach 100 followers. I just need to think of the perfect goodies to give!

I hope you are all having a great day! See you in July!

P.S. Please share what have been your favourite bits of June! I am really interested in hearing it!


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