I am addicted (to random stuff)

It is 3.12 am and I am not even near my sleeping mode. I am too full of energy and it is rather too late/early to do anything productive. Thus, here comes in computer and at least something random, like writing a personal and a bit pointless (still better than nothing ^^) blog post! Yay! As I am now on my Summer vacation I have noticed that I am getting addicted to more and more random things. It is due to me having too much free time and ability to try out new stuff, which happens to not leave my mind. Ever. Therefore, here is a small compilation of all the recent addictions that I have acquired in the past month or so. Caution: they might be random!

1. Roasted (salted) seaweed. It may sound as a really unappetizing snack to some of you,  but since the day I found it in the local Asian store I could not stop eating it. Just so amazingly delicious, crunchy and addicting. And healthy! (That reminds me that I must get some more. Just run out of this green gold..)

2.On the same food theme – Green tea with milk. That’s a more likable choice, right? Especially during this windy/rainy/cold Dutch “summer” has become my diet staple. And, yes, I do drink it while eating my seaweed!

3. Doctor Who! Where the hell have I been all this time without watching this truly amazing British series? I am only on the 3rd season (or series) and I cannot stop, I need more and more after each episode. I love the actors (oh, David Tennant, you cheeky smexy Brit!), the plot, the EFFECTS, the wittiness. Great, just great!

4. A truly random obsession of mine is the website “BuzzFeed“. Have no clear idea what got me so much into this page, but I find myself checking it every day. I love their ideas of posts, the gifs/pics they choose to illustrate the words, the humour and originality. They seem to have post about almost every single topic, which is just awesome, and time consuming. Visit the website, but consider yourself warned!

5. The most recent  and last addiction, which caused me to stay up late yesterday (and
today…) is Pokemon! I just accidentally found a page “PlayR” where you can play all the old school console games online (it has games from Pokemon to Zelda to Mario, etc..) and fell in love with Pokemon. At the moment I am in the Pokemon Blue with my “friend” Squirtle. Finally I do not have to own a Nintendo and still enjoy some retro games!

These 5 obsessions of mine are only the major ones, there are many many more (for example, my love for chickpeas, carrots, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Zumba and etc.). And for this post to be somewhat more beneficial and interactive I want to hear what are YOUR biggest addictions, vices or guilty pleasures (call them as you like)!

P.S. As I am approaching 100 followers (currently I have 76 lovely people following me), I have some special plans for the occasion! I am thinking about something nice called a giveaway. For now, just a little one, to show my gratitude. Would that be a good idea? ^^


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