Life in a soap bubble


Soap bubbles are flying from your hands
Each of them – authentic and, oh, so colourful.
Just look at that shining surface,
How glistening are reflections of the sun.

I can see endless universes inside of them,
Miniature people are the reckless dwellers,
Sliding around like crazy skaters.
They do not understand the fragility of life,
That their world just might pop any second,
And turn into water mixed with “Fairy”.
They have no knowledge of dirt and dust,
They have no time to grow up and die.
Existence – only a few seconds.
Population – close to infinity.

You started catching those translucent bubbles,
They burst, soap is splashing on your hands.
Universes are gone – without screams and pain,
As this life is just an ordinary game.


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