how to enjoy your solitude


I have to admit, I am a loner. I tend to spend time on my own, without other people. It is not the case of being anti-social and/or afraid of people, not at all. I just cherish my personal time, when I can be alone and do what I what and how I want. As I am 100% sure there are quite a lot of individuals like that, I have compiled a short list of the ways how to enjoy your solitude and why you should appreciate that solo time. And remember – alone does not equal lonely.

  1. Travel wherever you want and however you wish
  2. Go on spontaneous walks around the city as fast or slow as you like
  3. Go to a park on a sunny day and read books to your heart’s content
  4. Listen to music as loud as your speakers allow it
  5. Dance like nobody is looking, because no one is actually looking
  6. Sit outside of a local cafe and observe the people
  7. If you live in a seaside city, go to the beach and walk there, a lot
  8. Go star-seeing at night or cloud-watching at day
  9. Create: draw, write, do DIYs, etc…
  10. Go to the most interesting or weirdest museum you can find in your city
  11. Cook the best food you can and have a royal dinner – all for you!
  12. Try being a little selfish and think only about yourself at least for day
  13. Have a movie/TV show/YouTube marathon
  14. Enjoy your independence from other people’s decisions
  15. Go jogging or cycling
  16. Do yoga or meditate
  17. Learn a new skill
  18. Write a blog post on “how to enjoy the solitude”
  19. Cherish the silence, it does not last for long
  20. Become the best version of yourself, i.e. concentrate on your well-being. If you can achieve great result without depending on others, you will be much more satisfied!
  21. Be happy and smile all the time – not only with your face, but also your soul
  22. Do not feel lonely, even when you have no one to talk to! You are alone, not lonely!

The biggest tip I can actually give, is not to stay alone for too long, it becomes loneliness after some time. Keep it harmonious, socialize, be with friends, but do not forget to have some value time on your own, it is healthy!

I believe that I must have missed a lot of exciting and ways to enjoy the solo time or at least the activities to do alone. Please share them! ^^


2 Replies to “how to enjoy your solitude”

  1. Great post! ^^ Every individual wants to spend some time alone; no matter how socially active or outgoing they are. I have three more suggestions: redecorate your room (hang a new picture on the wall, move furniture, etc.), go outside and take some photos, scream your lungs out while listening to your favorite tunes.
    Besides, I agree about not getting too carried away with being alone, because loneliness is a really hard feeling to cope with.

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