a dialogue


Sometimes I write stories, but often tend to leave them unfinished. That is probably the reason why I stick to composing poems, they are short and do not contain much action. I am horrible with producing plot… Anyhow, I want to share a part of one of my unfinished stories called “a piece of paper”, but I’ll just call this bit “a dialogue”. Luckily, each part was supposed to work as a piece of a puzzle, thus it can be read as a story on its own. I hope, you get the idea.

For the “best result” I would like to set the atmosphere of the story/dialogue the way I thought of:

Imagine a dark bar, on the retro side. Ordinary wooden tables and chairs. A smell of tobacco and alcohol. People chatting, more like whispering. Hear “Melancholia”  by Duke Ellington in the background. And two people talking. A woman and a man. Smoking cigarettes  sipping whiskey and talking…


– Yes, I was hit yesterday, but I do not blame him for wanting to have sex with me, I just wasn’t in the mood and he was drunk. You can see the consequences of the pathetic argument on my face.
– You did break up with him, didn’t you?
– Why should I? Without him, I wouldn’t have any food or money… Besides, that‘s none of your business, you don‘t even know who I am…
– Then, who are you?
– A human being, a lady, a cosmopolitan, you?
– An artist, a man, a humanist, an existen-
download– So you are interested in people. You meet them, interrogate them and then create a movie, a painting or a novel?
– No, it’s not like that… I am keen on meeting and talking to interesting people, yes. But I don’t do that just for the inspiration. I only want to see how human mind works, how creative it is. Thus, can I ask you some more questions? You seem to come up with very creative and unexpected answers.
– I’ll take that as a compliment. You may carry on with your questioning.
– What is the concept of life? The meaning of the existence?
– There is no meaning. We are born and then we die, but we also get some time of living in-between. Unfortunate ones get less than a minute and the lucky ones get more than eighty years. To me, the overall meaning of existence and living is so deep, that it’s invisible. So why bother searching for it and wasting those precious seconds that were given to us from above?
– Does it mean that you believe in higher powers, like God?
– Today I believe in Ganesha, tomorrow I might believe in Buddha or something else. There are so many religions – some already extinct, some still existing and there is such a huge variety of gods and goddesses! Why should we restrict ourselves into believing only in one God? Especially, when we haven’t even chosen him. It was decided by our parents or country. That’s just not fair, don’t you think?
2971986750_bdc32dca58_z– I’m an atheist, therefore, to me any kind of god is just a fictional character…
– But that’s also a belief, that’s also a label! Why do you need it? Why not be a free person without a tag, without an attached name?
– It doesn’t work this way in reality, sweetie. You are being called names every day, you can’t escape this system… And what do you mean by an attached name?
– Your name, surname, which your parents wanted you to have.
– Are you serious?! What’s wrong with that? Everyone has a name! You, me, people outside this bar. What do you call yourself, then?
– I do have a real name and surname, but I don’t use them. I go by a name I want to have. I make
up a new one every time I meet a different man. It just depends on their looks and what I want to get from them. If I want to look innocent and naive, I become Lily or Anna. If I want something upper-class and elegant, I am Emilia or Victoria. If I want a sophisticated, more physical relationship, I transform into Jasmine or Jade. You know, something fashionable and exotic.

– Then… What is your name at this moment?
– Hmm, let me think…


5 Replies to “a dialogue”

    1. Oww, thank you, Sima! I must say that you were the one who inspired me to write this piece! It happened after all the meetings and long chats on July/August! ^^

      1. Aw, really? wow, I feel so special right now, because I’ve never been someone’s inspiration before ^^. I hope we’ll get the chance to meet this summer and chat about everything – just like last year! 🙂

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