the wind of change


This is probably the best time for some changes, both metaphorically and literally. “The wind of change” is here mostly because of the Dutch seaside weather. Yes, the sun is brighter and warmer, but the wind.. It will soon blow out my brain out of the head. I am not even talking about being able to walk straight or even wear a skirt. Anyway, that wind “inspired” me to change the appearance of the blog, i.e., change the theme! I just wanted something lighter and with a right-hand column.

Talking about other (more personal) changes, there are some! First of all, I got chosen among 20 other students from my course to be a part of a new project initiated by the mayor of The Hague – World Class The Hague. This projects basically consists of a few big lectures, mainly about international politics and global challenges, and some other “small” activities. (apparently, for the coordinators a lunch with the minister of Foreign Affairs is a minor event!) Still, I am very excited and honored to be a part of this “class”!

Additionally, I want to share my “not-so-new” addiction. I am listening to Indian songs again, non-stop. Thanks to a lovely website “Raaga” I can keep myself happy for hours and not get bored. Disclaimer: the best songs are Tamil and Telugu! However, there is a Hindi song that I accidentally found on YouTube and got hooked on as well. It’s called “Marjaani Marjaani” from a movie “Billu Barber” and that is all I know. Well, it’s enough for me. If you want to check it out, I included the video below!

What changes is the wind of Spring bringing to your life? What are you excited about these days, any addictions?



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