invisible “ruler”

Free Thought Wallpaper__yvt2

Before the actual poem, I need to point out a few things. First of all, this piece is predominately about religion and my relationship to it (or more likely, Catholicism), however, it is partially about a real person too. I just like to mix up topics when I write. As for the religious part, I am officially Catholic, but my beliefs are far from it, thus I’d rather be called a free-thinker – I think and believe what I want to believe, without belonging to any official “dogma”. I am not trying to insult anyone with my writings, I just write and express what is in my head, that is it!

I will not kneel and I will not bow for you,
You are not and will never be the ruler of my life…

Nobody admires compulsion,
Thus, why should I humble for a commodity,
Created by people through all these ages.
You are like a product with many faces,
You are like Hindu, reborn different each time.

No one has ever seen your face,
Only heard you voice in the heat of sun.
All the signs and thick books do not compel me,
There are no facts or biographies,
Only myths and mesmerizing thoughts…

I will not bow and lower myself for you,
Imaginary king of the manhood…


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