how to stay on top of your life


As I had a lot of fun compiling the last post of advises on how to become a better writer, I wanted to create another list of life tips and share my “knowledge” with you! It is not just how to stay on top of your life, but also how to manage it and achieve your goals. Excuse me, I am really bad with summarizing my thoughts.. Anyway, once again, I hope that you will find it useful or at least interesting to read!

Reasonable goals for manageable amount of time. Choose only those goals or activities that you are sure you are actually going to achieve or complete. If a target seems too difficult to reach because of a lack of time, resources or motivation, wait for a while, situation might change in the future. The same goes for the amount of time you give yourself to achieve those aims. If you set a very short and strict period, you are more likely to burn out and lose motivation. In the end it is not about the timing, but about the result.

Too many activities kill motivation. Even if you believe that you can keep up with some activities separately, when they add up, it might be just too much to handle. Be reasonable with your choices. Even though you truly want to learn Mandarin, take several online courses, exercise every day for two hours,  manage a personal blog and redecorate your house while being a full-time worker or a student, it is not efficient and definitely not worth the struggle. Maybe ditch some of the activities for a while. After you achieve some of the close-ended aims, then you can choose your next target and be fully motivated.

Keep track of your daily activities. I am talking about having an agenda or a decent journal. It will not only be much easier to plan the present day and near future, but also it is nice to look back at your activities and life after a while. Every morning, write down all your plans for the day and then cross each one after finishing it. It is much easier to be productive when you see what you have to do and at the end of the day you will get a great  feeling of completion. Besides, there are so many choices of amazing notebooks and planners, it is impossible not to fall in love with them!

One day at a time. This idea has me helped a lot in my life! When you choose a new goal or want to adapt a new habit, sometimes it might be really scary when you think of keeping up with it in a long term period. For example, I am trying to become a pescatarian, exercise and practice my languages every single day. Although, I wholeheartedly love all these activities/goals, I feel insecure if I think of myself doing the same thing for the next year or more. Therefore, I live only one day at a time. If I pass that day without failing, it means I can do the same thing the next day and so on. The result and process is the same, only without a fear of the future life.

Let yourself loose from time to time. Every one of us needs a break sometimes. Even if you want to plan each moment of your life, it is good to relax and be spontaneous on a regular basis. It is also natural to feel out of energy and motivation once in a while. On those days it is better to let yourself take a time-out and be just lazy. Of course, do not forget to get back on track the next morning, because too much looseness is not good for you either.


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