today was sunny

Today I could  feel that Spring is finally here. That sun is truly back and is not going to hide once again behind gray clouds. Behind unexpected blasts of cold Winter wind and snow.

Today the city was alive and full of energy. Streets filled with smiling business-men, mischievous children, romantic couples. Jackets are getting thinner and thinner. Bright colours are announcing the final defeat against blacks.

I could feel everything with my whole body and enjoy it as well. The wind was friendly and perfectly chilly, it did not try to make me cry or shiver. I missed the feeling of sneezing after every single glance to the sun. That is the best sign of the coming spring and summer.

Not only the city and my soul feel happy. Even my room looks amazing these days. Full of sunlight and warmness. My windows are wide open and letting in all the fresh air and sounds of the lively town. My crystal, hung on the window, creates tons of mini spinning rainbows on the walls, ceiling, furniture. Because of it, I feel like living inside of a kaleidoscope. A stunning moment. Nothing is missing.

And from my computer there is music playing. It makes everything hundred times more magical, when everything is already perfect. It illuminates the remaining traces of almost invisible shadows and causes even the air to glow and sparkle.

Today was sunny. It was sunny in the city. It was sunny in my heart. It was sunny in my abode…


P.S I have just got a Twitter account, it is still empty, but starting tomorrow I will start using it properly. If you want to follow me, feel free to do that, my account name is @retroinsomniac. 🙂


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