as if nothing had happened


First of all, Happy Easter everyone! An Happy April Fool’s! I hope you all are having fun. I myself am not actually celebrating Easter this year, as I am alone here in The Hague. My family is quite far away and Easter to me is predominately a family celebration, therefore, no family, no traditional festivities. I did eat some eggs, but just symbolically. As for the April Fool’s, I have never been a fan of it, I do not really like being tricked or tricking others, not my thing.

Anyhow, I want to share a poem, that is absolutely not festive or appropriate for any kind of celebration. I just have been thinking a lot about life, relationships, friendships and so on… Thus, I wrote this piece – about trying to leave what’s hurtful in the past, succeeding at first, but then failing and then standing up again. You get the point. :]

P.S. Thank you so so much for liking my latest posts, I was (and still am) astonished by the amount of likes they have received and the number of new lovely subscribers. It means a lot to me! Thank you! :]


as if nothing had happened

Ran the months, day, minutes,
Ran those stupid milliseconds.
But with every single heartbeat
You stood in front of my eyes,
As if nothing had happened.

I believed that after all the storms,
My hearth would just calm down,
Fall asleep as a mammal in winter.
With each body cell and muscle
I am trying to improve and move on,
Forget the darkness of the abyss.

As a liana you have meshed my mind,
As a sliver you have stuck in my thoughts,
But I only look towards tomorrow,
Where I am alone, without you,
As if nothing had happened.


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