time, fear and languages

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I am not sure if i should say “Sorry for the absence..” or “I’m finally back!”. I suppose saying sorry helps a bit, but does not change a thing. So, I believe, it is better to just come back and start working again.

However, I will shortly tell the reason for the month of silence. I am not going to lie the majority of my free time this for the past few weeks has been spent unproductively, mostly watching Korean dramas and TV shows or chatting with my friends. Oh, that nasty procrastination… Anyhow, I have been busy, as well. I had my East Asian history mid-term exam last week, which definitely required a lot of preparation. Next week, I will have my Korean language mid-terms – I am both excited and scared, because I want good results and even better knowledge of my beloved language. What else? Other courses.. Assignments, essays, readings. Everything was given and had to be finished before the study week, which is basically ending tomorrow. And the last time consuming activity was extra-curricular language learning, about which I will talk in the second part of the post. Now to the main point of the first part!

Why did it take me this long to post something? Why couldn’t I just find at least half an hour to produce anything? Two reasons, my enemy – pace of time and fear. First of all, time is a horrible material, it just runs out  no matter what. This month has passed too quickly, I have not even noticed how hours, days and weeks just slipped through my fingers while sitting in the lectures, university’s library or at home, writing that 1000 words long history essay… I believe that everyone knows this feeling. Anyhow, here I am. Finally, I got the grip of the running time and made myself to stop and produce something. However, this could have been done earlier, one would say. There comes the second problem and mystery of my life: the fear. The more I wait and not do a particular activity, the more I am scared of continuing it, as if avoiding makes things better. It’s been the same with so many things to me.. From dieting and exercising to blogging and learning languages. It is not that I do not want to do it once again, it is just that I feel ashamed of falling behind and seeing how badly my level of progress has decreased, once I come back. Be it forgotten words of a new language, extra kilograms or reduced stamina.This is my sin, which I will not promise to get rid of, because if I do it, it will be worse, as I am truly bad with commitments, not only the mentioned “fear”.

Now to the second and more fun part of the post! The biggest part of my time is taken by the language learning. At the moment, I am learning three languages: Dutch, Russian and Korean. Yes, very different from any angle. I need Dutch to properly adapt and live here, in The Netherlands, thus, my learning is going (more like, “has to”) quite quickly, as I have the resources everywhere around me and I can practice it anywhere I go. I need Korean, as I want to live and work there, besides, I love the country and I am taking a course in Korean at the university, thus, I have proper classes each week. Now Russian is a different subject. I have taken it in the middle and high school, but already forgotten most of it, thus, I want to revive it by watching movies, reading newspapers and studying from books for the intermediate level. I am having a lot of fun with this activity, although, it does become frustrating from time to time, as the words or grammatical structures get mixed up in my head.

All in all, I know five languages (add English and my native language – Lithuanian), therefore, I want to mix up this post a bit and shortly introduce myself in all these languages. If you speak the tongue well, please correct any mistakes I have made! :]

  • Hello! My name is Ugnė. I come from Lithuania, however, now I live in The Hague, The Netherlands. I am nineteen years old. I am majoring in international studies in the Leiden University. I can speak five languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian, Dutch and Korean. I am keen on listening to music, reading books, travelling and learning foreign languages.
  • Labas! Mano vardas yra Ugnė. Aš esu iš Lietuvos, tačiau dabar gyvenu Hagoje, Nyderlanduose. Man devyniolika metų. Studijuoju tarptautinius mokslus Leideno universitete. Kalbu penkiomis kalbomis: lietuvių, anglų, rusų, olandų ir korėjiečių. Mėgstu klausytis muzikos, keliauti, skaityti knygas, mokytis užsienio kalbų.
  • Hallo! Mijn naam is Ugnė. Ik kom ui Litouwen, maar nu ik woon in Den Haag, een stad in Nederland. Ik ben negentien jaar oud. Ik studeer internationale studies aan de Universiteit Leiden. Ik spreek vijf talen: litouws, engels, russisch, nederlands en koreaans. Ik hou van het lezen van boeken, het luisteren naar muziek, reizen en talen te leren.
  • Привет! Меня зовут Угне. Я литовка, но теперь живу в Гааге, город в Нидерландах. Мне девятнадцать лет. Я учусь международных исследований в Университете Лейдена. Я знаю пять языков: литовский, английский, русский, голландский и корейский. Мне нравится слушать музыку, читать книги, путешествовать и изучать иностранные языки.
  • 안녕하세요! 저는 우그네예요. 리투아니아 사람이에요. 그럼 지금 내 집은 헤이그이에요. 저는 19 살이에요. 라이덴 대학교의 학생이에요. 국제 연구를 공부해요. 저는 리투아니아어,영어, 러시아어, 네덜란드어, 한국어로 말해요. 저는 여행, 책 읽기, 음악 듣기 좋아요.

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