First of all, excuse me for the lack of post for these few weeks, I just have more activities than time. I could say, that real life happened, and, oh, it did happen. Starting from the university’s courses with Korean in the front and ending with extra-curricular activities and independent learning of Dutch.

Excuse me again, and accept my honest gratitude for your patience and readership. I appreciate each view and every single follower from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all!

Now.. I have been listening to a lot of Bollywood songs while studying. It  truly helps to warm up the whole atmosphere. It helps me run away and relax. It gives me energy and happiness! And what is the most important, it gives me an abundance of inspiring thoughts!


Red button.
Press it…
Sounds in the veins.
Dance. Unearthly moves.
Dhoom! Dhoom!
Six-fingered hand.
Green eyes.
Curly hair.
Thumbs. Not moving.
Eyes. Burning.
Stomach is ticking
Like Indian bombs
Dhoom! Dhoom!
Their land –
Full of gold…


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