piano in the mist

Piano music has always been magical and sacred to me and now everything  has connected around me to create this perfect atmosphere. Every single part of my surroundings comes to one person, one piano and many many foggy evenings. Nostalgia?

It is rather dark, the mystical time between the day and night – the twilight time. Today it has a blue hue and crispiness to it. I am listening to “River flows in you” by Yiruma and almost crying because of the beauty of this melody and because of so many memories.

One person. One person that I call my only true friend, who knows more about me than everyone else combined. One person that I was utterly in love with and then fell into depression because of rejection. Still, I keep my feelings, I cannot change them even after many years.

This person used to play “River flows in you”. Because of those moments I shiver every single time I hear it. But it is a good type of shivering, because I know that this person will not leave me and stand beside me, when I need help and support. I know. Nevertheless, I also know that I am capable of falling in love again, with a different person. And I am not scared of it.

Thus, one person, one song, one type of weather and one poem, connecting it all.

Piano in the mist

The melody of piano has drown
In the haze of the night fog.
The magical rhapsody
Is playing in my head.

You have pressed the piano key,
That mystical sound,
That melodic echo
Is chiming in my mind.

You have united perfection:
Music of the night and mist.
You have shown me the light,
In the moment of silence…


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