Your face


This evening I feel utterly creative and poetic. It might be because I have been studying too much and just need to clean my head of all the Freudian ideas and structuralism, and culturalism, and etc. Anyhow, second poem in a row. Yes, it is a picture of my face “painted” by me… Selfish, isn’t it?

I will never forget your eyes:
Heterochromia and contact lenses suit you…
Hardly coloured eyelashes
Are subtly touching thick eyebrows.

I will never forget your nose:
Samogitian blunt, inherited from mother…
I could press it the whole day,
Almost knead this cartilage-free beauty.

I will never forget your lips:
Plum and tinted with lipstick…
A bee might have stung in childhood,
As they doubled over one night.

I will never forget your hair:
No longer natural, cut so many times…
And darkness, and redness suited you,
Even shaved and bloody neck.

I will never forget your face:
Scar furrowed, but still young…
Such a distinctive Lithuanian,
Different, but still quite appealing.


3 Replies to “Your face”

      1. Pritariu! Kadangi kasdien lankaus (techniškai “persekioju”) būtų tikrai gerai, jei duotų nors laikint postus 😀 Bent komentuoti duoda ^^ Besides, tavo poem man priminė Dainų šventę: karščiu pritvinkusias keliones autobusu, kepimą ant saulės, miegą ant grindų, šaltą kavą ir juoko priepuolius žiūrint į TĄ sieną ^^ oh, good ol’ times!

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