out in the city

CentreCourt Night, The Hague

2.35 AM, Friday night/Saturday morning.  40 hours without sleep. No traces of illness only a few signs of light drinking, fading away with each moment. It was  a great night, not particularly long, but lovely. I have missed evenings like this, when I go out with my friends, grab some beer, chat and wander the streets of still awake city or just stay inside a local bar and listen to live music till the dawn.

A group of five people, two Asians and three Europeans, two girls and three guys, neighbors, course-mates  friends. Our company of the evening canbe labeled in many ways.

A local bar in the centrum, big wooden table by the window, four mugs of beer and a glass of wine. The band is playing old and not so old rock music. We are enjoying  a well played version of Zombie by The Cranberries. Music is not interrupting our conversations, as we have chosen a place in a quite afar distance from the stage, but still there’s no feeling of being outsiders.

Two hours into the night, a message from a fellow student and a short walk through the streets to another bar. Music is much louder, walls are turned into shelves for bottles of beer and wine, our table is occupied by eight people, but is impossible to make any proper discussions due to the noisiness.

Again, two hours, a sudden feeling of  hunger, a stroll to the snack shop on the corner, €1.70 for chips with ketchup. We, at least, have the possibility to talk and freely stand outside, till the rains starts and then suddenly stops after 5 minutes.

A walk home and the end of the night, hugs of good-bye and a smile in a face.

I’ve missed nights like this, I’ve missed going out with my friends and being social, I’ve truly missed it. Therefore, it was a fabulous night, it’s great to be back in a student life.


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