Salvador Dali “The Temptation of Saint Anthony “

When the blood in my veins,
Has turned into red wine,
I promise to come back,
Even though my home is far away…

I will humbly kneel in front of my king,
My chaotic God
I know, I will not meet him for long,
I know, nine deserts separate us,
But if sandstorms are favourable enough,
You will arrive, like a smoke, like a kite…
However, I shall fly where nobody can find me,
Where, secularists are considered as heretics
And crucified
While wearing garlands of thorns on their heads.
There fire and earth cannot be together…

I will go my on way solely,
I will not cause sparks any more,
I will leave this land and rush barefoot
Away from you…


2 Replies to “fatalism”

  1. This is an interesting interpretation of fatalism. Positing that we will almost innately run from grand-scale, i.e. supernatural salvation, does seem really likely if it ever came. Who would believe God if he showed up and refused to drain an ocean or something to prove himself?

    1. Thank you for your insightful comment. Part of my idea behind this poem was indeed running from religion, at this point, Catholicism. I myself cannot find the salvation and meaning in its practices and truths, it does not fit with my own beliefs and principles, it just doesn’t seem reasonable.

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