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I believe in education and everything mind engaging. To be concrete, I truly think that learning has to be a lifetime activity and it should not be restricted by the curriculum of educational institution. Undoubtedly, I am still pro-formal education, I am a university student myself and starting my second semester of the studies next Monday. Even so, I am still highly profound of informal, specifically, online learning (e.g. today I am starting a few courses on Coursera) . That might have been the inspiration to write this post and share some of my insights and favourite sources of knowledge.

If you are able to read my blog, it means that you have no excuses not to be learning something new and useful. Sometimes it may seem that reading  about yet another scandal in the pop business is something new, but it definitely does not have a reasonable impact on your life and mind. I am talking about intelligent topics and I do not believe in the idea that educational means boring as most of the pupils think. I does not matter if you are interested in art history, chemistry, literature, nutrition, fitness – basically, anything that our lives are made of – you can find information about it on the internet.  Just stay away from the lives of other people, read books not gossip magazines and watch documentaries not reality shows.

As for me, I find knowledge not only in the books and documentaries, but also use the power of world wide web. Now, I would like to share some of my favourite websites and YouTube channels which I use to find inspiration and get more knowledge about the subjects of my interest.


online-education-study-skill_thumbnail1CourseraProbably one of the best academical projects I have ever seen. It allows you to enroll in a huge variety of courses from many great universities and everything is for free! What is the best about it, is that you are learning together with other students, participating in real discussions, doing quizzes and after you are done with the course you get a certificate!

Khan AcademyI am only starting to get a grasp of this website, but so far it looks great. You can watch videos from an abundance of subjects – from art history to science. Then you can also take part in discussions, accomplish various goals and even create programs if you are into the computer science.

YouTube channels

bigstock_Online_Education_11092172 TEDEducation. I cannot even describe in words how much I adore this channel, you just have to experience it yourself! It has already taught me a lot, from the benefits of being an introvert all the way to creating history. This channel has more topics than you can think of and some of the lectures/lessons are professionally animated which makes the learning process even more entertaining.

CGPGrey. Another great youtuber, who sometimes may talk too fast for me to keep up with all the information, but after a few videos you are just left truly amazed and addicted. His videos about the definition of The Netherlands and the future of education are definitely among my favourite ones.

Crash Course. My list would be incomplete without this awesome channel! Four subjects (history, English literature, biology and ecology) and two brothers – that is all you need for your evening of learning. It does not matter if you are preparing  for a test or just feeling an urge to get more knowledgeable and be amused. This is a perfect place for all of it.

I know that somewhere out there are a lot more great and valuable sources of intelligence. Thus, feel free to share your favourites and/or tell your experience or opinion about the informal/online learning.


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  2. “Just stay away from the lives of other people, read books not gossip magazines and watch documentaries not reality shows.”
    Gerai pasakyta 🙂

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