existentiam absurdum

“Fight Club”

One of the bloodiest and most gruesome poems I have ever written. It was inspired/based on the gory part of “Fight Club” as it was a truly graphic, but still an amazing film.


existentiam absurdum

I’m Joe with a never-ending prostate,
on my hands – alkali powder,
my fridge is full of glycerine,
I’ll make some dynamites out of it,
or maybe you want to burn,
here, take some orange juice,
here, crumble some cat faeces.

I’m Mary with a god damn cancer,
I said, I’d quit smoking, drinking,
teeth are like pieces of amber,
cough is hurting like bullets,
my body is neither grey, nor yellowish,
blueberries soaked in brandy
and dried in tobacco

I’m Jim with an arm gangrene
I took part in a fight,
my face is completely deformed,
hair has turned into the plucked feathers,
eyes and nose have switched their places
someone has stepped on my stomach
I’m being fed by an umbilical cord


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