rainy days and illness

It is one of those typical Dutch days which tend to occur even in the middle of winter. Just raining, nothing but drizzling, pouring, spouting and gushing… Despite all the gloominess I love this kind of weather, because “the gray sky can’t dampen my spirit” as it says in the song. I would love to, at least, hum along or even start going:

“I’m singin’ in the rain,

just singin’ in the rain,

what a glorious feelin’,

I’m happy again!”

But then your sore throat painfully reminds you that it is not such a good idea after all… And here you are, left with nothing, only the chance and lots of time to cozily sit at home, drink tea without milk, listen to jazz or indie music and watch old films to brighten up your day.

As much as I love rain and foggy days I loathe illness and not being able to go to the grocery shop and buy that carton of regular milk. Fortunately, I always have my tea and chocolate.

What do you do when it is raining all day? Or when you are too ill to go outside?


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