05:49 AM CET: The Beginning

Den Haag

Good morning stranger!

I do not know why I am here or how did get here and, you know what, I do not want to find out. I have been on the journey through my life for the past eighteen years and eleven months, but this early morning I feel different… This time I have an undying urge to record it and share it with the outer world and its wonderful citizens.

Blogging has been around for at least fifteen years or even more and a lot of people seem to have been successfully (or not) doing it and actually enjoying themselves, thus, undoubtedly, I want to join them. Additionally, we (me included) are all suffering from the same problem of having an opinion and sometimes we are even tricked into thinking that other people wish and/or have to hear it no matter what. That is exactly my case. I have to many thoughts and ideas, too many words and unexpressed feelings in my mind, thus I must share them with someone. However, as I am too shy I cannot make videos, despite the fact that I do have some ideas for various “moving and talking pictures”, that is where blogging plays a perfect role as an alternative choice – I do not have to speak, I may type. Besides, writing has always been one of my many passions and I have been writing for a while now; not only in my native and beloved Lithuanian language, but also in English and if I am lucky and inspired enough in Russian. Right, so now I do understand why I am here…

You, on the other hand, are a different case. Why should anyone read my thoughts and travel together through my activities and experiences? I am not a unique person, I suppose, but we probably do have something in common. If you stay, you might find something that is familiar. I am quite confident in saying those words as I indulge and obsess about many things. Sometimes it is even beyond my own limits to recall everything I have done, said or liked in my lifetime. That is why I am going to show you the treasures of the world around me, I am going to analyse and talk about various topics: from science fiction to De Stijl, from Charlie Chaplin’s films to Korean Pop, from Lithuanian folklore music to Andy Warhol… I hope you are intrigued just as I am! Besides, it is only the beginning and I am learning about this craft from the scratch, you know?

If you are still here, congratulations and thank you for granting me some attention (we all desire it, don’t we?)! I promise not to deceive you and keep you updated and engaged!

Iki Pasimatymo! See You later!

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2 Replies to “05:49 AM CET: The Beginning”

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